Jung So Min (정소민) with Im Si Wan (임시완) for The Notebook

Credit: BNT News

01dd99a9c17429bbf892b3036fa7f991 21a8010522b57645a41a50c6a2a13f03 50b77ba0675b16e9604cef5437e723ef 98bb4cce7d1ed21bcb81135bad6eddc450da3ffb 546bd6817e017218a0fba468c42631d4 5065c8a8462309f7be2490ac720e0cf3d6cad684 334040b4c41ec2de509163332e00bbef a5fed347cd77d9578ddc97603028d3ac 581718348 581718529 20120518021419_200112_600_900 afsfdsfsd FSDFSDFDS siwan1 siwan2 socy socy2 somin SOMIN2


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