Jung So Min (정소민) interview on CJ One (씨제이) July 2012

Credit: http://www.cjone.com/cjmportal/index.jsp?EKAMS=naver.537.1205.1102.1296573612944.1455055

58ee3d6d55fbb2fb857b1d864f4a20a44723dcd6 179103_443950138978561_1665494034_n 283644_443950118978563_614287558_n 306844_443950095645232_883534300_n 376363_443950075645234_1096392571_n 481991_443950278978547_664819033_n 547926_443950168978558_131320236_n 558325_443950208978554_420850277_n


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